About Us

At Cosmetic Ink Pros, we believe in the transformative power of cosmetic tattooing. With over 23 years of dedicated service in the DFW area, our studio has become a beacon of excellence in the field of cosmetic enhancements. Our founder and lead artist, renowned for their expertise in choosing the perfect color and technique for each individual, has passionately crafted a space where artistry meets precision.
Our specialty lies in a range of services including Scalp Pigmentation, Microblading, Powder Brow, Eyeliner Tattoo, Lip Blushing, and Tattoo Removal. Each service is performed with an unwavering commitment to quality and a deep understanding of the aesthetic needs of our clients.


Personalized Consultation Discover Your Ideal Look

Begin your journey with a personalized consultation. Our expert team will discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your needs, and recommend the best cosmetic solutions. With over 23 years of experience, we ensure every client receives tailored advice and a clear understanding of the process.

Customized Treatment Plan Tailored Solutions for You

Based on your consultation, we craft a customized treatment plan. Whether it’s scalp pigmentation, microblading, or lip blushing, our approach is designed to suit your unique style and preferences. We blend artistry with precision to create results that enhance your natural beauty.

Expert Procedure Experience Skilled Artistry

Step into our professional studio for your procedure, where comfort and safety are our top priorities. Our skilled technicians use the latest techniques and high-quality pigments to ensure the best results. Relax knowing you’re in the hands of experienced professionals dedicated to excellence.

Follow-Up and Aftercare Ensuring Your Satisfaction

Post-procedure, we provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and schedule a follow-up to monitor your progress. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we’re committed to ensuring you’re delighted with the results. We’re here to answer any questions and provide support throughout your beauty enhancement journey.

Before & After Results

Before After
At the heart of our practice is the belief that beauty enhancement should be as unique as the individuals we serve. We take pride in our ability to boost confidence and save our clients time with lasting, natural-looking results. Our team is not just skilled technicians; we are artists who care deeply about bringing your vision to life.

Welcome to Cosmetic Ink Pros

Where your beauty and confidence are our top priority.

Experience The Difference Yourself


The Cosmetic Pros Difference

What makes us different

At Cosmetic Ink Pros, we excel in the art of color selection. Our expertise in choosing the perfect hues for cosmetic tattooing, from microblading to lip blushing, ensures that each client leaves not just with a new look, but with an enhanced sense of self and a boost in confidence.

Your time is valuable

Embrace the freedom of time with Cosmetic Ink Pros. Our permanent cosmetic solutions liberate you from the daily routine of makeup application, gifting you with extra hours for life’s true passions and moments with loved ones.

Your past doesn’t define you

Cosmetic Ink Pros believes in the power of change and new beginnings. Our professional tattoo removal services offer more than just ink removal; they provide a pathway to reclaim your narrative and embrace a future that truly reflects who you are today.