Cosmetic Enhancements

Dermal Pigmentation

Cosmetic Enhancements

Redefine Your Beauty

Did you know dermal pigmentation can offer cosmetic enhancements? Our cutting-edge semi-permanent pigments intensify your best facial assets with meticulous artistry.

Whether you want to wake up with smoky eye allure, fuller lips, or striking arches, our enhancements save you time while bringing fantasies to life. We exclusively utilize inspired tools for undetectable pigmentation with finer detail than traditional methods.

Expect custom-tailored results made to complement for next-level confidence.

Cosmetic Enhancements Gallery

See the real results from happy clients of Cosmetic Ink Pros:

What are Cosmetic Enhancements?

Cosmetic enhancements utilize specialized pigments and needles to enhance facial features like eyes, brows, and lips. Our cutting-edge techniques create semi-permanent results, saving you time on makeup application while celebrating your best assets.

Popular enhancements we specialize in include:

Eyeliner – From subtle definition to dramatic wings, we intensify eyes for irresistible allure day-to-night.

Eyebrows – We reshape, fill gaps, or accentuate what you have with fuller, symmetrically enhanced arches.

Lip Blush – For just-bitten bee-stung volume and warmth, subtle lip blush adds dimension to your pout without the high-maintenance.

With meticulous techniques, we leverage the perfect balance of science and artistry to intensify your beauty while exceeding expectations.

What To Expect

Our cosmetic enhancement process celebrates your unique beauty from consultation through reveal:


We’ll thoroughly evaluate your ink, skin tone, and goals during a one-on-one consultation. Together, we’ll craft a customized treatment plan.


During your appointment, our technician utilizes specialized tools to implant semi-permanent, medical-grade pigments into strategic areas like the lash line or lips.

Final Reveal

After healing completes, your enhanced features seamlessly accentuate your beauty with no makeup required. Subtle or bombshell results designed just for you.

Redefine Yourself with Cosmetic Enhancements

Don’t wait another day to love every part of yourself to the fullest. Take the first step by scheduling a complimentary consultation for eyeliner, brow, lip or areola enhancements today.

Redefine yourself at Cosmetic Ink Pros. More than a treatment, it’s an experience.