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Tattoo Removal

Fade Unwanted Ink for Good

Do you have an unwanted tattoo holding you back from your goals? At Cosmetic Ink Pros, our leading laser removal treatments safely fade ink of all colors and types to restore clear skin.

Through our state-of-the-art  laser technology, we remove body art, cosmetic tattoos, and other difficult pigments using photomechanical energy that breaks up ink over a series of sessions. The pinpoint precision of our lasers allow for dramatic fading without impacting surrounding skin.

Our compassionate staff and advanced laser removal solutions help clients gracefully erase the past while designing the future and image they desire.

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See the real results from happy clients of CosmeticInk Pros:

What is Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal leverages focused light energy to fade unwanted ink. During treatment, intense laser pulses target and break up pigment particles in the skin, which the body then flushes away.

Over a series of appointments, laser energy can remove tattoos by up to 95% or more. Complete fading is typically possible in 6 to 12 gradual treatments depending on size, color, and age of the tattoo.

Our compassionate technicians guide you through this transformative process of removing old ink to reveal refreshed, confident skin.

What to Expect

Our tattoo removal process focuses on your comfort and confidence:


We’ll thoroughly evaluate your ink, skin tone, and goals during a one-on-one consultation. Together, we’ll craft a customized treatment plan.


At each visit, our technician glides the laser back and forth over your tattoo, delivering quick light pulses targeting pigment.


In the days following, the treated area reddens and forms scabs that naturally slough off to flush ink away. Temporary swelling, itching, and irritation can occur as well.

Erase Ink Regrets for Good

If an unwanted tattoo is holding you back from your goals and self-image, the time is now to explore professional laser removal. Our tattoo removal technology and compassionate guidance can gradually fade pigment over time for refreshed, confident skin.

Don’t let old tattoos negatively impact your outlook another day. Take control by scheduling a private consultation to learn about our transformative solutions.